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Forms and sizes available

  • All dimensions manufactured and stocked as permissible under specification LN9468

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 – Copper Nickel Aluminium performance alloy for aerospace

ISO Composition: CuNi14Al3Fe1

UNS/Norms: LN 9468 | WL 2.1504 | DIN 2.1504

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 key properties

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 is a wrought copper-nickel aluminium alloy CuNi14Al3Fe1 designed for high strength and high-reliability applications. It is non-magnetic and resists mechanical wear, galling and marine corrosion. It is easily machined into complex components whilst being environmentally friendly with both Lead and Beryllium free.

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 is used within the aerospace industry thanks to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties in various components. Especially, K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 can be used without any, or with limited lubrication.

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 Key Applications


K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 is used in heavily stressed airframe components.

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 demonstrates outstanding resistance to metal-to-metal wear, thus suitable for landing gear bushings and bearing bushings.

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 is also used in many other systems, such as cargo system bushings, plane doors, actuating sleeves, control surface components, on many mechanical and electromechanical components.

K7 | CuNi14Al3Fe1 | LN9468 is also used on helicopters, for flap systems and bushings.