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K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 – Copper-Nickel Aluminum alloy

ISO Composition: CuNi14Al3 | CuNi14Al2

UNS/Norms: NFL14702

Equivalent: X316

K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 key properties

K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 is a wrought copper-nickel aluminium CuNi14Al3/ CuNi14Al2 (NFL 14702, GAM MM11) exhibiting very high mechanical properties, good impact resistance, good fatigue resistance, and non-sparkling on impact.

K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 is also strictly amagnetic.

K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 Key Applications

Electrical engineering

K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 is used in Electrical engineering applications.


K5 | CuNi14Al3 | NFL14702 has applications as parts in the Marine industry.