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Forms and sizes available

  • Bars: Ø up to 4.5″ (101.6 mm)

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 | High mechanical properties copper nickel silicon alloy

ISO Composition: CuNi3Si

UNS/Norms: C18000

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 key properties

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 is a wrought copper nickel silicon alloy CuNi3Si with structural hardening.

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 exhibits high mechanical properties as well as suitable electric and thermal properties.

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 also has good antifriction properties and is suitable for hard brazing.

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 key applications

NS6 | CuNi3Si | C18000 is used for:

  • Plunger tips for die casting machines
  • Parts for resistance welding
  • Insert for plastic injection molds