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ARCAP® AP1D High Precision Machining copper alloy

ISO Composition: Cu56Ni25Zn11.5Pb1

UNS/Norms: C79350

ARCAP® AP1D key properties

ARCAP® AP1D is a copper-nickel-zinc alloy exhibiting high mechanical properties, high elasticity and formability, high corrosion resistance, strict magnetism controls, stable resistivity, and great ease of use.

ARCAP® AP1D grade has been specially created for all kinds of machining work with much better machinability than stainless steel alloys and without chemical compatibility (electrolysis). On contrary than Brass when a harsh environment is involved, ARCAP® AP1D does not need nickel plating.

ARCAP® AP1D is extremely easy to machine as reflected in its cutting speeds, excellent surface finishes, the absence of burrs on drilling, and a reduction in sharpening frequencies.

ARCAP® AP1D applications


ARCAP® AP1D is used for optical fibre connectors, especially in harsh environments.


ARCAP® AP1D is resistant to corrosion: it can be used in Marine environments.

Luxury & consumer goods

ARCAP® AP1D is used in luxury: it can be transformed into watchmaking micro components.

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