DIN F16 | CuZr | C15000 | ZR16 Resistance & Spot Welding Electrodes

ISO Composition: CuZr

UNS/Norms: C15000 | RWMA class 1 | EN 12163 | EN 12167 | EN 12420 | CW120C

ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 Resistance & spot welding electrodes key properties

ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 is the market standard for copper-zirconium, chrome-free welding electrodes.

ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 exhibits a good combination of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

The welding performance of ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 chrome-free electrodes offers improvements in comparison with the highest standards available within this sector.

ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 spot welding electrodes are available in the format DIN F16.

ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 Resistance & spot welding electrodes key applications


ZR16 | CuZr | C15000 is used for the resistance welding of coated and uncoated AHSS Steel.

Lebronze alloys key advantages

Integrated production process: from alloy smelting to finished and customized parts. 

Being the only integrated manufacturer, Lebronze alloys has an indisputable advantage: we manufacture our own alloys to produce electrodes. Our internal processes include casting, cold working stage, machining, and non-destructive testing. Being fully integrated ensures reactivity and complete traceability.

Lebronze alloys is a member of the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance and of the American Welding Society.