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Lebronze alloys UK is a dedicated in-house distribution facility, supplying Lebronze alloys' high-performance products

Lebronze alloys UK is focused on local and export markets, with a historical presence within the UK for over four decades

The activity of Lebronze alloys UK completes and supports the Group's worldwide network of nominated Partner Distributors

Our stocked key products include many proprietary alloys such as ARCAP®, Hardiall®, Hardibron®, K5 & K5B, K7 LN 9468 and CRM16

We also stock and distribute machined components made to customer’s specifications that are ready to use


Lebronze alloys is an Industrial Group specialized in the production of semi-finished and finished products in technical high-performance copper and nickel alloys. We also provide forging and machining expertise in aluminium alloys, specialty and stainless steels.

Our Group is organized around 4 divisions :

High Performance Bars & Specials

  • Leader in semi-finished products in rods, bars, hollow bars in high performance copper alloys and in resistance welding electrodes.
  • Key alloys : Hardiall®, Aluminium bronzes, Copper nickel grades and Copper chromium, etc..

Rods & Wires

  • Specialized in high volume production of small and complex rods and wires in specialty copper alloys.
  • Key alloys : leaded and unleaded brasses, bronzes, dual nickel silvers, C97®, C98®, etc…

Rolled Products & ARCAP®

  • Worldwide reference in conception and production of rolled products, rods and wires in high performance copper and nickel alloys.
  • Key alloys : ARCAP®, Monel alloy 400, Niclafor®, Pure nickel, etc…

Blanks & Customized products

  • Expertise in forging, machining and finishing of technical components from small intricate to very large parts. 
  • Key alloys capabilities : copper alloys, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, specialty steels, stainless steels.

A fully integrated production process and a unique range of products and alloys.

One of the Group’s advantages relies in its fully integrated production process and its unique range of alloys (more than 200) and components. Our 6 production sites have complementary capabilities and they master a wide range of metal processing operations.

Lebronze alloys supports its customers from design/co-design steps to finishing operations, through to manufacturing in a variety of forms and parts.

This particularity guarantees a complete traceability and thus a perfect quality control, and allows to implement recycling loops of scraps and swarf from numerous metals.

In order to better serve markets with particular needs and to develop more innovative and competitive offers, Lebronze alloys has developed many partnerships with distributors and brokers around the world.

Lebronze alloys provides high performance materials and specialty components all over the world, and into sectors such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Energy, Cold forming applications, Connectors for electric and electronic industry, Industrial fluids, Chemical & Agri-Food industry, Iron & Steel furnaces, Luxury, Marine, Metal Working, Metallurgical furnaces for Non Ferrous applications, Mining, Off-highway (military, commercial, farm and handling vehicles), Oil & Gas, Power, Railway, Safety, Turned parts and Writing instruments.

Through its offering of products and services, our Group is an active player in the energy transition and the e-mobility revolution. We are also developing high-tech solutions to improve human health and to promote environment- friendly economic development.

Our Group is committed to respecting and protecting the environment and biodiversity in its industrial and logistics operations, in particular through:

  • The optimal use of metals to reduce the consumption of natural resources,
  • The recovery of rejects and waste materials,
  • The prevention of pollution of all kinds and the reduction of water use,
  • The optimization of energy consumption to reduce CO2 emissions,
  • The implementation of clean and safe technologies that can be used in medical
  • Investments in technologies aiming to develop cleaner and more recyclable solutions
  • Transparency, rigor and equity to drive the economic and financial growth of the Group
  • Employee empowerment and trust of our partners by implementing ethical and behavioural best practices
  • Membership to the UN’s Global Compact 


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If you cannot find a designated Partner Distributor for your area and for the product you are interested in, please contact us directly